Thanks to Jindabyne and the surrounding areas ever growing trail network it has never been a better time to go for a ride around beautiful lake Jindabyne! Monster Sports now has a range of bikes that are perfect for a cruise around the lake. We offer both standard mountain bikes as well as electric mountain bikes. If you haven’t had the chance to ride a pedal assist (eMTB) yet, then this the time. These bikes allow you ride further and faster than you ever have before, without breaking a sweat.

All of our rental bikes are current models complete with:

  • Modern 1×10/11 drive trains – A simpler, easier to use gear shifting design
  • Front suspension – To smooth out all those bumps and rocks
  • Plus size wheels – These give you extra grip as well as a little extra cushion for the bumps
  • Hydraulic disc brakes – to make sure you come to a stop at the bottom of the hill

These features are standard across our range of MTBs and eMTBs

Monster Sports stocks MTB gear from the following brands:

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Kayaking and Fishing

Jindabyne has long been known as a trout fishing and boating destination, and Monster Sports has what you need to get out on the water. With Kayaks and Fishing rods available for rental it has never been easier to get out and have a go, and since we are just across the street from the lake it’s easy to just grab a kayak (which includes wheels) and just roll it down to the lake!

Our rental Kayaks are Aquayak Snapper Sit On Top Kayaks and our rental Fishing Rods are Shakespear Trout/Redfin Specific rods.

We also carry a large range of rods and tackle from companies like: Shakespear, Berkley, Yakameto, Tasmanian Devil, Strike Pro, Rapala and more!