The redesigned 2019 Dynastar Legend W75 offers an entry level ski for beginner to intermediate skiers. 5 point sidecut, rocker where it counts, and a lightweight XPRESS binding system come standard. The Legend W75 is at home in most terrain, and excels on trail under moderate speed. Available with the Xpress W 10 System.

  • TERRAIN: All Mountain
  • SKILL: Novice – Intermediate
  • LENGTHS: 142/149/156/164
  • RADIUS: 12m @ Length 156
  • SIDECUT: 119 / 75 / 100 @ Length 156

The Legend W75 takes the philosophy of these big brothers, namely large measurements for lift and stability, long Rocker spatula and heel for comfort and ease of release and a good grip to remain effective on hard snow.

What makes the Legend W75 less demanding than the other skis in the range comes from its core, a mixture of wood and Microcell, more flexible, so easier to deform and curve, in order to be the most reassuring possible for skiers in the learning phase.